Epson Research & Development ASD Group (ASD) was established in February 1994. ASD is organized as three groups specializing in Algorithms, Software, and Device Modeling. ASD is a division of Epson Research & Development, Inc. and is located in San Jose, California.

Our goal is to become the most effective R&D laboratory in the industry, in our areas of focus.

The charter of ASD is to pioneer cutting-edge algorithms and software research that will lead to new business opportunities for digital imaging and video related products. Currently, we employ 13 research staff members. The nature of our R&D efforts spans from applied research to advanced product development. We take great pride in meeting challenges with innovative and computationally efficient solutions. Our work creates and utilizes state-of-the-art techniques in Image Processing and Computer Science. Since its inception, ASD has produced over 50 patents and 70 conference and journal publications.

Some examples of our product contributions are listed below: